Coffee began over 1,100 years ago from humble beginnings in the forests of Ethiopia. Mass production of the brew launched in the 13th century Middle East. Then in 19th century Vienna, another transformation occurred when the iced brew was created. Folklore claims that citizens of Turkey took the coffee grounds leftover from the Turkish army and made a cold brew.

Luckily, Parkites need not scrimmage through encampments to locate a great iced coffee. Locals and visitors can find delicious coffee houses while strolling Park City.

A Park City landmark, Silver King Coffee is a convenient drive through with cool summer specials. Order the Toddy Brew Iced Coffee, and choose between fresh lavender or mint flavorings.

Check out Five5eeds for their delicious cold brew made with ice cream—Aussie Style. And if an appetite accompanies your thirst, they serve a delicious breakfast menu all day.

Visit the energetic team at STOKED ROASTERS + COFFEEHOUSE and order from their menu of 100% organic blends.

Pop into Java Cow Coffee for iced coffee complemented by their famous “Walking Waffles.”
Or grab a book at Atticus Coffee and Books and relax on the deck with a cold creamy brew.

Whatever iced mixture you’re in the mood for, Park City’s coffee houses will delight you on these warm summer days.