Just a peak around town reveals a sizzling selection of summer fashion inspiration.

111bThis perfect summer shoe pairs with everything from maxi dresses and midi skirts to skinny jeans and boyfriend trousers. Try Vince Abbey Flat Form Espadrilles with a cropped frayed hem jean and a slouchy silk top for spicy summer style. Maximizing versatility, they’re available in black or white leather.
Find them at Cake Boutique, 577 Main Street, cakeparkcity.com.

111dSummertime is Sandal Time! At Mary Jane’s, they love the new Zaferia by Jeff rey Campbell. Th is sexy, strappy, gladiator-inspired wedge is also light and comfortable.
Find them at Mary Jane’s,
613 Main Street, maryjanesshoescom.

111cMen’s John Varvatos Triple Needle shorts are made of 100% linen and scream summer. Wear them out on Main Street for dinner or on the golf course while you enjoy the summer breeze. They are a mid rise short with a classic look offered in multiple colors to match any occasion.
Find them at Cole Sport,
1615 Park Avenue, colesport.com

113cFor a perfect complement to any summer outfit, take a look at the scrumptious jewelry line French Kande. The necklaces feature replicated medallions from France on unique chains with natural stone combinations. They look even better when 2 or 3 are layered.
Find it at Hilda Park City,
541 Main Street, hildaparkcity.com.

113Noah Brown apparel is just one of the brands you’ll want to make a “Hab•it” at their new three-level boutique on Main Street. Take a look at their fashion-forward pieces that easily transition from work to workout and errands to cocktails.
Find it at Hab•it Park City,
592 Main Street.

113dWrap yourself in summer with the new Burnout Ruana from Minnie Rose. Discover just the right amount of sexy combined with comfortable, lightweight fabric. Featuring Julie Miles Jewelry, men’s and women’s clothing.
Find it at Grace Clothiers,
751 Main Street,

113eSunshine and sandals are the perfect fi t. If you’re looking for stylish and feminine, yet still ultra comfortable, super slim, 100% leather with arch support, check out the new Beek sandals. Don’t miss Joli’s unique Anne Hammer bracelets.
Find them at Joli,
1635 Redstone Center Drive, joliparkcity.com.

113fThe right handbag easily becomes the perfect summer companion for exotic travels to everyday escapades. Made of luscious, handcraft ed, soft leather, Hammitt bags embrace a beautiful mix of function and fashion.
Find it at Double Diamond
Shoes, 333 Main Street.

113bPerfect for outdoor cookouts and summer adventures great and small, Copper Pearl’s Baby Bandana Bibs will ensure your little one is prepared for anything. These trendy, colorful bibs are at the top of every new mom’s list and may be the softest and most absorbent fabric you’ve ever touched.
Find them at Baby NeeNee, 1400 Snow Creek Drive, babyneenee.com.

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