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Sunblock. Towel. Toys to entertain the kids. Something to entertain you.

No trip to the beach or day at the pool is complete without a good book to get lost in. Luckily, these three local authors have you covered better than a waterproof 50 SPF. Here is our list of “must reads” this summer.

Local writer Amy Roberts has entertained us in her award-winning weekly column “Red Card Roberts” for years. She’s informed us in the pages of this magazine too. But in her debut novel, Remorse, she dazzles us.

The writing is superb, the plot suspenseful, and the deeply flawed characters unforgettable. Remorse will make your stomach lurch, your heart race, and your conscience blur the line between right and wrong. It’s available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon.com. Find it here:

When you’re happy and you know it… write a book. Aft er nearly 20 years of marriage, one attempt at divorce and subsequently a decade of joy, husband and wife team, Pat and Sam Cullinane wrote Th e Love Endeavor: How to Have the Love of Your Life for the Rest of Your Life.

The book is written from a his and her perspective on what it takes to stay in love. Neither author relies on therapist psychobabble or pretends to have it all figured out, rather they off er a refreshingly real trial and error approach to making your relationship the best part of your life. It’s available for purchase at: theloveendeavor.com

Don’t forget to pick up a fun read for the little one on your lap this summer with Color Blocked! Readers rub, turn and tap pages to straighten out pipes, unplug corks, and keep color fl owing. But watch out — the color might run faster than you can keep up! Readers learn both primary and secondary colors filling this book with both excitement and education fun. By Park City local children’s author Ashley Sorenson, Owner of Main Street Gallery on Park City’s lower Main Street. Color Blocked is available for purchase at: familius.com/color-blocked

It’ll take more than a little buffing and polishing to get More than a Manicure: The Nail Files out of your mind. In this tell-all book, author Carly Bennett Stenmark dishes on the gossip, secrets and outrageous things she’s been told over her 30-year career as a nail tech. From the time a client prepped for a colonoscopy during a manicure to scandalous affair admissions, readers will be left wondering if manicurists really double as shrinks. Luckily for her clients, Carly excludes names to protect the guilty. The Nail Files is available for purchase at:

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