Love What You Do & Who You Wear

Julie Miles sparkles with joie de vivre; in fact, her enthusiasm for life is contagious. For almost twenty years, she has been a force in the fashion world. Her exotic jewelry line is featured in stores from Deer Valley to Bali.

Wearing Julie Miles jewelry and her new resort line makes women feel confi dent, vibrant, and unique —just like Julie. Aft er surviving stage 4 cancer, Julie realized “I needed to be doing something that I loved every day. I needed to be creating.”

Julie “gave the stress up” and returned to design. Julie’s jewelry is in stores around the world. Her designs are intimate and she maintains relationships with her clients. Julie donates proceeds from the sales of her Infinity Love Bracelets to children’s charities and families in the fight against cancer. The Infinity Love Bracelet is the only item available online; has a list of stores around the world, including: locally —Montage Deer Valley and Grace Clothiers; Ritz-Carlton, Naples; Viceroy Bali; and Como Hotels.

“The day I started making jewelry, my life changed,” explains Julie. She changed a lot of lives with her jewelry line: Katie Couric, Maria Shriver, Angela Basset and Ava Duvernay wear her pieces.

This year, the Julie Miles label skyrocketed to the next level with the launch of her Resort 2018.

With clients around the world, Julie needed a professional wardrobe. She designed the pieces and her Balinese tailor sculpted them. Arriving at trunk shows and events, shoppers and clients asked, “Where did you get that?” Julie replied, “Oh, I designed it.” The Resort Line was born.

After hiring a friend in India who needed a job, Julie launched the line within a hands-on, human-focused factory. Julie designed dresses, caftans, tops, and swim shorts for the line. As a bikini-loving woman, Julie understands that swim shorts are far more practical than bikini bottoms for a variety of reasons. Resort 2018 has what women want—sexy coverage!

Resort 2018 caters to all shapes and sizes. Julie suggests pairing swim shorts with a bikini top; then toss on a caftan—this transitions from beach to bar; day to night; casual to red carpet, with the same ease and grace of Julie herself.

What’s next? Julie tells us, “We don’t need a ‘next.’ We must be happy with what we have. Love what you do and get eight hours of sleep.”

Julie Miles—wear the label and SPARKLE.

SOURCEJulie Hooker
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