Uniting the body, the mind and the spirit.

by Julie Hooker

Inhale.  Breathe in all the natural beauty surrounding Park City.

Exhale.  Release any tension.

Spa.  As the mind clears the eye see more.


In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” literally means to “yoke,” or join together. The practice of yoga unites the body, the mind and the spirit.

Designed to clear the mind, yoga ensures a focus on the moment. Initially, the great yogis designed the postures as a means to get into a meditative state. Now, in Park City, yoga is used to create a better balance on the ski slopes and in everyday life.

Local yogini, Lisa Needham, has been teaching for almost three decades. She notes, “Yoga has become a mainstream element in our town. Right now, there are really three full-service yoga studios including Park City Yoga Studio, The Shop Yoga Studio and Tadasasna Yoga Studio.” However, with private lessons, gyms, and free drop-in classes in parks, there’s yoga available everywhere. Because of the abundance of practitioners and places to practice, one can roll out a mat at almost any hour of the day.

Yoga is accessible for students of all ages and abilities. In fact, the world’s best teachers, including Baron Baptiste and John Friend, frequently conduct workshops and teacher trainings in Park City.

With limited time, both locals and tourists try to blend relaxation with fitness and learning. Park City provides opportunities to relax in a beautiful setting while taking invigorating classes. In Park City, one can rescue a tired mind and weary body from everyday stresses.

Typically, those who choose experiences in the healing arts seek more than simply a toned body and clear skin; they want to increase their understanding of the world and leave with strategies to continue their exploration. With spas, yoga studios, and gyms, one can learn how to take care of oneself, relax and improve both body and mind.

To enhance your yoga practice, supplement your workouts with Pilates. Promoting strength, balance and flexibility, a Pilates practice will strengthen your core while increasing your awareness of body and mind. Pilates by Alison offers private customized training.

A mix of massage, meditation, exercise and the other healing arts can clear your mind and allow you to see the wonders Park City has to offer.

The unique and elite hotels in and around Park City recognize that both locals and tourists are looking for more than just the traditional spa experience. People want and need to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate. Whether on vacation or taking time out from “real life” in Park City, people need spas to offer holistic approaches for the whole body.

At the Spa Montage in Deer Valley, accredited therapists are trained in the art of interpreting each client’s personalized language. This customized approach ensures clients experience deeper relaxation, greater vitality and better health. Encompassing 35,000 square feet of luxury, Spa Montage uses indigenous ingredients from our local alpine terrain, while spa therapists offer a wide range of massage treatments, water and hydro-therapies and facials. You can even meet with a nutritional counselor or personal trainer, or select from a full calendar of fitness and wellness classes.

Located in the heart of Deer Valley, Remede at The St. Regis offers an intimate and serene sanctuary with pampering services. The holistic spa treatments include body rituals, custom massage, hot stone therapy, soaking baths, body wraps, facials, waxing, manicures, pedicures and salon services. Guests and clients also may enjoy private or group yoga classes, life coaching and meditation.

Inside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at the base of Canyons, is the Golden Door Spa. Offering local pricing, it is a true favorite. The staff at the Golden Door is gracious, knowledgeable and warm. The spa fills 16,000 square feet and includes tea and fireside lounges. Guests can slip in for a treatment or spend an entire day enjoying, relaxing, and meditating in the calm space at the Golden Door. Golden Door therapists provide proven traditional as well as modern treatments. Along with a myriad of massages, the services at the Golden Door Spa include private meditation and life coaching. From the inside out, the Golden Door helps clients learn and master skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spa treatments at the Golden Door include Bindi Body Rejuvenation. Bindi means the primordial point where everything begins and ends. This treatment begins with a warm herb exfoliation. Then, using a client-customized Dosha oil, the guest receives a vigorous massage to stimulate circulation and detoxification. The experience ends with a warm cocoon wrap.

Pampering pedicures, cleansing facials and relaxing massages can be scheduled in The Spa at Hotel Park City. The Spa at the Hotel Park City also offers yoga and salon services.

On lower Main Street is a true local favorite, Mountain Body and Sanctuary Day Spa. In addition to facials, make-up artistry and body treatments, guests can purchase all natural, all botanical, and all handmade products to continue their relaxing experiences.

One of the newest additions to Park City is Zante. Zante’s philosophy is  simple. Each guest is unique and should receive customized treatments created specifically for their needs. Zante caters to each guest. Pricing is simply based on the amount of time spent with each guest.

At Zante, guests can enjoy facials, massage, Reiki, Shamonic healing sessions, waxing and tinting, along with a variety of alternative healing modalities. Zante offers nutritional counseling, fitness counseling, life coaching, and chakra balancing.

Housed in Lespri in the Prospector area of Park City, is the Rain Spa. This intimate destination spa practices an integrated and holistic approach to health through a blend of ancient healing traditions including, massage, facials, reflexology, and cranial sacral therapy.

The Alpine Apothecary is the only compounding pharmacy in Park City. Pharmacists will custom mix medications while counseling patients about stress, hormone levels, natural products and adaptogenic herbs. In the Apothecary, they offer diagnostic testing for stress because they know that it affects mental acuity, thinking and emotions. In addition to the pharmacy and counseling, the Alpine Apothecary has an Ayurvedic Practicioner on staff. Frequently, the Alpine Apothecary offers guest speakers and events to the community.

Breathe in the unique life changing experiences that will calm your mind, heal your body, and allow you to enjoy all of beauty in and around the mountains of Park City. Learn the secrets for maintaining a balanced life.

Alpine Apothecary | alpineapothecary.com, 435-615-00700 Golden Door Spa | parkcitywaldorfastoria.com, 435-647-5500 Hotel Park City | hotelparkcity.com, 435-200-2000

Lespri | clublespri.com, 435-645-9696   Montage Spa | spamontage.com, 435-604-1300

Mountain Body and Sanctuary Day Spa | mountainbody.com, 435-655-9342 Pilates by Alison | pilatesbyalison.com, 435-640-5886

Remede Spa at the St. Regis | stregisdeervalley.com/spa, 435-615-8035 Zante | zantespa.com, 435-649-9495


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