How one Utah company uses stems cells to fix what ails and ages you.

When you hear the words, “stem cell therapy” oft en what comes to mind is a bone marrow transplant, cutting-edge science, or possibly even controversy. But at Utah Stem Cells, stem cell therapy is about one thing — enhancing your quality of life.

This summer, Utah Stem Cells opened an office inside the Westgate Resort on Canyons Drive, where it offers stem cell therapies for aches, aging and overall appearance.

“We use the latest advancements in stem cell technology and focus entirely on treatments to help our patients feel stronger, live happier and look better,” noted Dr. William Cimikoski, founder of Utah Stem Cells. “Our therapies can help alleviate joint pain, sexual impediments and even enhance appearance.”

A medical toxicologist, Dr. Cimikoski specializes in using stem cell therapies for joint regeneration, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, medical aesthetics, and medical weight loss.

“At Utah Stem Cells, we use stem cell therapeutics to help promote complete and permanent regeneration of damaged, aged, or unhealthy tissue throughout the body,” he said.

Who can benefi t from stem cell therapy? Nearly anyone Dr. Cimikoski says, especially those with a few years of skiing under their knees. “Th ose with various forms of musculoskeletal disorders are prime candidates for these therapies,” he confirmed. “Conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, ligamentous instability, and bursitis, have all improved with stem cell therapies. Elite athletes like Payton Manning have used stem cell therapy and have been able to return to their sport faster, stronger, and healthier.”

Of course, joint pain and functionality are just the tip of the knee brace when it comes to treatments. In addition to stem cell joint regeneration, Utah Stem Cells off ers many other procedures, including:

Bioidentical Hormones Therapy for men and women to assist with hormone depletion that comes with age.

Stem Cell Enhanced Medical Aesthetics including dermal fillers, micro needling, lasers and a non-surgical facelift procedure that involves withdrawing a patient’s own blood and then processing it to create platelet rich plasma and injecting it back into the skin.

Stem Cell IV Therapeutics which allow for many procedures to be performed intravenously.

Stem Cell Hair Restoration to treat thinning and advanced hair loss in men and women.

Stem Cell Treatments including the P-Shot™ and O-Shot™ to enhance sexual function and pleasure.

Stem Cell Breast Lift which uses stem cells to naturally lift and enhance cup size without surgery or implants.

Medical Weight Loss which includes balancing hormones, nutrition and personalized fi tness plans for long-term weight loss.

“The benefits and options for stem cell therapy seems limitless right now,” Dr. Cimikoski says. “I love being in a field that is constantly progressing. Everyday there seems to be new research about a new use for stem cells and the benefits. More and more people are able to rejuvenate joints rather than replacing them surgically.”

So why is stem cell therapy oft en overlooked as a medical alternative? Dr. Cimikoski says it might be due to a common misconception about stem cell therapy, which is rooted in the controversy over embryonic stem cells. But embryonic stem cells aren’t legal in the United States. “Utah Stem Cells uses stem cells supplied by a bio-engineering company that harvests the cells from the amniotic membrane from donor mothers who give birth to a live, healthy baby. Th ere’s no ethical concern or risk of rejection,” he said. “They undergo the highest quality and safety screenings available and they’re highly eff ective — more so than your own adult stem cells.”

From menopause to male pattern balding and aching joints to aging skin, stem cell therapies hold a lot of promise and don’t take a lot of time. Dr. Cimikoski says most stem cell therapy procedures take about one hour to complete and patients can often resume their normal lives quickly, and in many cases the same day. Additional treatments can sometimes be necessary and he asks patients to return for a follow-up visit within two months to measure results.

Visit or 435-655-2252.

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