21st Century Joint Treatment

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The opening of ski season is typically a time for excitement and anticipation, but if you’ve experienced a joint injury, you’re feeling anything but “typical.” You wonder if your skiing days are in your past, because of pain resulting from injuries to arms, legs, and everything in-between.

Regan Archibald, himself a board-certified acupuncturist, knows about joint injuries all too well. In a snowboarding accident, he tore a rotator cuff and biceps tendon and fractured his scapula. He became frustrated at the usual injury protocol of doctors and therapists because pain was keeping him awake at night. Surgery seemed like the last resort, but Regan resisted; having worked on shoulder injuries in his own practice, he knew that surgery was not a panacea for pain relief.

A new treatment option, “amniotic allograft stem cell therapy,” got Regan’s attention. This FDA-approved process of injecting stem cells allows for safe transfer of the cells from healthy mothers’ amniotic fluid to inflamed joints. These cells are packed with life – seeking damaged tissue and giving the body’s natural recovery a big boost. With healing cytokines that decrease inflammation, “indifferent” stem cells respond to the body’s needs, growing new muscle, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. The amniotic fluid itself carries 121 growth factors and immune-protecting protein, preventing any risk of rejection by the body. Additional stem cell research revealed that over 300,000 cases had been found effective, with no side effects.

Armed with knowledge, Regan decided to have a stem cell injection in his shoulder, an office procedure that took less than five minutes. Within 72 hours, his shoulder pain was gone. Having conquered this issue that had plagued him for months and impacted his treatment, Regan regained 95% of function in his shoulder. He was able to return to his pre-injury Crossfit training, and ultimately resumed sleeping through the night – an impossibility given his previous pain levels.

Amniotic allograft stem cell therapy cannot “grow” a joint that is missing (e.g., hip replacement), but as long as you physically have a joint, this therapy has enormous potential to help the healing process as well as relieve pain.

While this stem cell therapy is a 21st -century achievement, it is widely-available and affordable. And it comes with a “guarantee” for satisfaction, by way of a second, no-cost injection after six months.

Regan is part of the medical team at East West Health, and he is excited to share his successful stem-cell experience with anyone suffering from unrelenting joint pain. East West doctor John Lawrence is confident that “with stem cell therapy, we now have new frontiers in joint repair, reversing auto-immune conditions, and even with chronic lung disease.” The team has a track record of “incredible results,” even for treatment- resistant bone-on-bone injuries.

With its one-two punch of pain relief and healing properties, stem cell therapy might just be the way to get back on those slopes…

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