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Ah, yes… disruptor; today’s current buzzword.

Today’s clickbait. We live in a world searching for the next disruptor, the next shiny thing, the next fancy technology.

So what is a disruptor?
/dis•rupt•or/ Noun

A company that changes the traditional way an industry operates in a new and effective way.

With that definition in mind, let us offer a glimpse into our world, our culture, our mission. 11 years ago we saw an opportunity, the opportunity to, dare we say… disrupt. The goal was lofty, the vision, ambitious. Redefine an industry. Do it different, do it better, do it right. We assembled a team of dreamers, a group that believed that the impossible was possible, a group that looked at every turn as an opportunity to question the norm and to expect more. There were losses along the way, mistakes, doubt – but the commitment to building a full-service real estate brokerage continued forward.

Change started to take shape, the disruption began, clients at every price point and area experienced something different, something inspiring – something we call luxury. Sales grew, services and staff increased, the industry noticed.

All of a sudden we looked around and we had done the thing, the redefining of what real estate could be. But we’re not done yet, the disruption has just begun, the experience only gets better from here, because this now family of dreamers is committed to creating the marketing that others can’t, the experience that others won’t, and giving our clients what real estate should be: full-service and inspired.

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