By Stephanie Nisch

When you need a new perspective from the well-worn trails in Park City, it might just be time to stand up to stand-up paddleboarding. All summer long, Park City-based ski and snowboard manufacturer RAMP Sports will o er free stand-up paddleboard (SUP) demos directly from their factory. But before you take a dive into this leisurely sport, consider these tips from RAMP when it comes to planning a
day on the water.

WHERE TO GO Short of a kiddie pool, nearly any body of water around Park City is geared for paddleboarding. SUPers o en take to the Snow Park Ponds in lower Deer Valley for a quick, in-town paddle, but more sizeable at-water spots are found at nearby Jordanelle or Rockport state parks. Seasoned adventurists are occasionally spotted on the Weber River surfng its class II and III rapids, and multi-sport paddleboard tours are on the rise. Hire a guide to take you paddleboard-fishing for Utah trout, or and a zen moment in Midway’s Homestead Crater with a morning paddleboard-yoga session.

WHAT TO BRING Local paddleboard rentals usually come equipped with the necessary accessories, including a paddle and personal rotation device (PFD). SUPing doesn’t require much other gear or experience, but if you’re just getting started, opt for a wider and longer board, which provides more stability and balance. Whatever your level, don’t forget the sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. The water’s harsh UV rays and a high altitude atmosphere are a brutal concoction for your skin.

HOW TO PADDLE Paddling is much like steering a canoe, using the oar for both momentum and stability. But despite the upper body workout, effcient paddle strokes have more to do with your legs and core strength. With your bottom arm relatively straight and still, use your upper arm to pull the paddle and glide through the water. To maximize your energy output, tighten your core and lower body as you pull.

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