Surface Medical Spa is the place to get your questions answered and your fears allayed

Choosing to have a cosmetic procedure can be daunting. Where to go? What to have done to get the results you want? Surface Medical Spa is the place to get your questions answered and your fears allayed.

When you walk into Surface Medical Spa the atmosphere is calm and serene, the office staff friendly. A spread of brochures explains every procedure and product they offer— and there are a lot, but they don’t expect you to figure things out by yourself.

Dr. Aaron Barson is a soft-spoken man with a ready smile. He’s so genuinely pleased with making his patients happy that he’s eager to show the dramatic before and after photos that surely have changed people’s lives. He gives clients an opportunity to create outside changes that make their insides feel better. His goal is to be minimally invasive to get the best results possible: little or no scarring, short recovery time, with natural looking outcomes. He happily explains every detail of the process, addresses every concern, and puts people at ease about their procedures.

Patients have to trust the person working on them. With Dr. Barson, the trust is well-placed. He’s a dedicated specialist who regularly travels from Thailand to Russia to Argentina to learn directly from the innovators of the newest technology, and then trains other doctors. “I also travel all over the world learning, going right to the person who develops a new method,” he states. “You have to find out what works best.” Because of Dr. Barson’s dedication to continued study, Surface Medical Spa offers the very latest in procedures available in the United States, procedures which have also been well tested in other countries.

“We try to make it natural, to re-contour people’s bodies so they’re symmetrical. We’re mostly putting people back into proportion,” Dr. Barson explains. Judging from his array of client photos, it’s certainly working. The results of the Spa’s treatments are truly amazing, and appear completely natural.

Laser, chemical and radiofrequency technologies have improved, replacing many older, more intrusive procedures. Skin rejuvenation and tightening, non-surgical face and body lifts, collagen replacement and more can be done simply and quickly during office visits. Results are mostly permanent. Liposuction and fat transfer are other techniques that have improved vastly and have grown in popularity. “When a person’s own fat is used, it’s living tissue,” says Dr. Barton. “Blood vessels form at the new site,” which results in a permanent fix for two possible issues: too much fat in one place, too little in another.

If you’ve ever thought of having cosmetic work done, whether for removal of a suspicious mole or more drastic body changes, Surface Medical Spa has the right solution for your needs. You just need to take the first step and call for a free consultation. They’ll take care of you with warmth, expertise, and with the most current treatments. 435-655-8900

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