Susan Swartz Studio has exciting things happening!

Great News art lovers, we are thrilled to announce that Susan Swartz Studio will be presenting their first Online Exhibition, IN THE STUDIO. Through a selection of videos, playlists, text and images, viewers are invited to explore what takes place behind the scenes in creating a painting from conception to completion.

As Susan so eloquently articulates: “How can one truly express the wonder and magnificence of nature? My work is dedicated to capturing nature’s beauty as I see it reflected in my heart and mind’s eye. While this quest is never-ending, I find inspiration from nature’s resilience and harmony.

In experimenting with a new series of work, I incorporate elements from the Earth that bring comfort and healing. Restorative herbs and botanicals are encapsulated in thickly painted compositions. As we work to preserve nature’s ecosystem, we can also witness its determination to cycle and regenerate. I hope to express those phases of life through Earth’s elements that over the years, have brought me strength.

Given recent advances in technology, we are all witnessing how it can connect us in new and intimate ways. I’m thrilled to share moments from my studio in the form of an online exhibition. Please join me in this creative journey. I hope it affords you joy, solace and renewed energy, with ways of seeing the world more beautiful than it is.”

Additionally, you now have a more dynamic way to gain insight into the Susan Swartz Studio, the available artwork, upcoming exhibitions and Susan’s story, as the Susan Swartz Studio website is LIVE! And while browsing, check out the beautiful fashion face masks designed for stylish social distancing. Each one has a canvas or silk exterior and cotton interior, signed by Susan Swartz. Features also include stretchy ear loops, a flexible wire for the nose, and an adjustable behind-the-head band for when your ears need a rest. Each mask is a one-of-a-kind and varies in pattern placement and color.

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