Exploring our vast and varied trail system is one of summer’s greatest pleasures in Park City.

Whether you want to mountain bike, hike or walk your favorite furry friends, you’re sure to find the perfect trail for you. Park City’s Basin Recreation maintains nearly 2,000 acres of amazing open space, as well as over 150 miles of breathtaking trails including paved, soft surface and natural surface trails, with the popular Trailside Bike Park. Some local Basin favorites include the Mid-Mountain Trail, Flying Dog, the Road to Arcylon and Pinecone Ridge. Mountain Trails Foundation (MTF) also builds, maintains and protects trails all around the Park City area.

A trail you will often see pedestrians vying to trot, bike and walk their dogs is the Union Pacific Rail Trail, Utah’s first non-motorized rail trail. With over 25 miles of flat, easy-to-walk pathways, you can spend a gorgeous Park City morning meandering with friends or enjoying your new ride.

With so many incredible routes, how do you choose the trail that is most convenient and fits your riding levels? Mountain Trails Foundation provides an interactive summer map with information about local trails complete with printable maps at mountaintrails.org.

Basin Recreation also lists the best options for summer, along with their amenities and a report. Basin gives easy-to-find information on which types of use are allowed on specific trails.

Not sure about trail etiquette?

MTF gives these tips:

  • Slow down and smile: practice 10 seconds of kindness.
  • Bikes never have the right of way on a trail and bikers should use a bell as a warning to others.
  • Help keep trails well-maintained by staying off the sides and avoiding areas that are wet as usage of muddy trails will damage the area.

Looking for a great local spot filled with technical trail features? Your best bet is the Trailside Bike Park where even a bikeaholic can get their fill of boardwalks and wallrides from start to finish. Turn switchbacks, ride over skinnys and hang tight onto berms while navigating the course.

Up for a dynamite race event?
Mountain Trails Foundation hosts six phenomenal races on their sponsored trails over the summer. Check out the Mountain Trails Foundation Events tab for location, dates and times of each race.

Dogs of all types can also bring their owners along on their walk in our small town. Make sure you find out beforehand when and where dogs can be off leash, along with which trails are recommended to ensure the best experience for all. Girl On A Hike (girlonahike.com) offers a list of off-leash, dog-friendly waterfall hikes and a checklist for the dos and don’ts of hiking with your dog. Her newest blog gives a detailed look at a new local dog park,The Woods Trail, located off I-80 in Kimball Junction. Another local favorite off-leash park is on the way to Utah Olympic Park, Run-a-Muck dog park where your dog can revel and play with other dogs on 43 acres of doggie playland.

With so many great places to hike, bike and take your four-legged best friend, it’s no wonder Park City has such an amazing reputation for outdoor living. You won’t want to miss the unique beauty or variety of our trails during our stunning summers in the mountains.