On the Move
By Laura Jackson

As Terzian Galleries celebrates 10 years on Park City’s Main Street, they are moving to a larger new location right down the road at 625 Main. Representing highly regarded artists from around the region and world, you’ll find a great variety of mediums from vibrant oil paintings and inspiring glass to unique
ceramic pieces and elegant wood sculptures.

90a“Art has been a passionate interest of mine since I was a young girl and exposed to it by my beautiful and art-loving, Russian- born mother,” explains gallery owner Karen Terzian. “I began my career in the arts in 1985 on the central California coast, and expanded from there to Palo Alto in the early 90s. My love of family and skiing brought me to Utah in 1999, and I have since enjoyed getting to know the great and talented artists of not only Utah, but also from far outside the Mountain West.”

Her new location will feature all the incredible artists you’ve come to expect over the years, plus a few incredible new ones as well. Terzian Galleries welcomes Oonju Chun, a modern abstract painter and native of Korea merging Eastern and Western influences. Splashes of intense color and shapes burst across her energetic canvases. Her paintings seem to shout raw emotion and spontaneity. “For me, painting is instinctual,” said Chun. “The reason why I paint is because it carries a voice that cannot be expressed by my words.”

Exhibiting paintings full of life and surprise, artist Angie Renfro will be visiting the gallery this February for a gallery show.
Finding the beauty in often overlooked scenes and subjects, Renfro’s refreshing paintings display alluring color and texture. She explains, “I am interested in the idea that despite the increasing ways we have created to network with one another, we can still feel that we stand apart. Through varying subject matter—factories, weeds, birds on a telephone wire—my paintings explore the strength and beauty of the state of aloneness. “ She describes her paintings as “vignettes of powerful quiet.”

In March, you won’t want to miss a special gallery visit by Zachary Proctor, an amazing, young narrative figure painter. Full of personality and emotion, each of his captivating paintings seems to take on a life of its own, as you anxiously await its subjects to speak up and begin telling their life stories. “My intent as a painter is to arrest motion on canvas by artificial means, to capture life and hold it fixed.
I am interested in making paintings of personal experiences, some as I remember and others as I prefer to remember them,” explains Proctor.
“One of my greatest pleasures over the past 29 years in art has been the relationships I have formed with other art lovers, collectors and artists,” said Terzian. “In Park City, we are very fortunate to meet people from literally all over the world and I find one can always learn something from that. It makes it fun and interesting to be in the art biz.“

625 Main | www.terziangalleries.com.

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