It has been said that “Earth without art is just ‘eh.’” Park City Hospital thinks that sentiment can be taken a step further to suggest a hospital stay without art is equally bland.

That’s one reason the hospital and a group of dedicated art enthusiasts joined forces to create the Art for Healing program. Hospital volunteer Dyan Pignatelli spearheaded the effort. “Studies show that patients who are exposed to art during their hospital stay actually heal quicker and have a better overall experience. So it just seemed like a natural fit — to tap into the talent of local artists, beautify an already stunning facility, and uplift patients all at once,” she said.

Upon admission, patients select the print they would like displayed in their room and can request new art anytime during their stay. So far, the program is quite a hit.

“Patients have commented that seeing art brings them joy, solace, peace and hope. It’s really rewarding to know we’re not just making the walls a bit brighter, we’re also making someone’s life a bit brighter too.”