“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”
– Frank Gehry

153There comes a time during the ascension to success when we’re no longer satisfied by accumulating as many possessions as possible.
153bAt that point, we want our surroundings to reflect who we are. Living at this level is a fine art, and we want the things around us to represent not only our journey, but our arrival. One luxurious home in Park City’s Promontory Ranch Club – Cascade Park City – is exactly that. This 8,000 square-foot home is a work of art you can live in and a blank canvas at once.

154Surrounded by five acres of magnificent views, this home is architecturally-sculpted from steel, concrete, glass and stone. The zinc roof is sectioned to cascade perfectly along the mountainside that overlooks a panorama of soaring mountains and crystal-clear streams. The end product of a six-year process, renowned architect Wallace Cunningham’s gently-terraced structure is evocative of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater.”

154bCunningham is best known for the way he brings the outdoors in, evident after spending only a short time in Cascade Park City. The sun’s movement is reflected through the windows that envelope the house. As the light changes, the shadows and mood inside shift and dance. Massive sheets of glass gracefully separate rooms, providing a subtle flow from one to another. Dense, rich monoliths of solid walnut are 155used for doors, finishes, and the stunning floating staircase. Massive ancient stone slabs that have been brushed, polished and cleaved cover the floors and counters. The master suite occupies a whole wing of the house, creating the perfect sanctuary. And the pièce de résistance? The home’s steel-and-glass elevator, the epitome of luxurious convenience.

Cascade Park City’s luxuries are best experienced in-person, but a digital photo album is available at www.cascadeparkcity.com.

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