Ask ten people what they love about Utah, and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. Skiing, alpine trails, fly fishing, luxury lodging, indulging spas, wildlife viewing, five-star dining, and an authentic wild-west ambiance all top the list. But actually getting to all these experiences is another story. Traditionally, the state’s top attractions have been pretty spread out. Not anymore.

Now, the best of Utah can be enjoyed in one location, just 15 minutes from Park City. Located on 3,500 pristine acres of high-country terrain, Blue Sky is a working ranch where the Wild West straddles urban sophistication, and where your options for adventure are limited only by your imagination.

“Blue Sky is a place for people to get away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and truly reconnect with nature and romance,” notes Henry Hudson, director of adventures at Blue Sky. “Here, you can experience the mountain west by day and enjoy modern luxuries by night.

The ranch’s adventure list is so vast Butch Cassidy himself would likely tip his hat in respect. You can try your hand at a Blixt & Company designed sporting clay course, saddle up your own horse for a breathtaking ride among the pines and aspens, work cattle on the range, ÿ sh for trout in private blue-ribbon waters, and pretty much anything else short of a shootout at high noon.

Of course, all those activities are likely to make you thirsty. So it’s a good thing Blue Sky is also home to the High West Distillery. Here, visitors can follow the whiskey making process from grain-milling and mashing, through distilling and aging. Tours including whiskey tastings and gourmet Western cuisine are also available.

“High West Distillery is known for its world-famous vodka and whiskey, but its menu is equally impressive,” Hudson added.
In the Fall of 2018, Blue Sky will also offer impressive lodging, rustic yurts and a pampering spa.

“Our plan is for 46 meticulously appointed living spaces offering unparalleled luxury, as well as four luxury tents. All of our lodging options will feature panoramic mountain views showcasing Blue Sky’s breathtaking natural beauty,” Hudson explained.

Like the state of Utah, there’s no shortage of things to love about Blue Sky. But Hudson says his favorite activity is the Sporting Club. “Blue Sky offers one of the highest-quality sporting clay operations in the world. Our multi-station clay shooting course was designed by Lars Magnuson of the renowned Blixt & Co, and combines instruction, gun sales, sporting clothing, warming huts and a café.”

Quite literally, spending a day at Blue Sky is definitely something to shoot for this summer. To reserve a western inspired activity or learn more, visit

By Amy Roberts

SOURCEAmy Roberts
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