By Ani Robertson
page132One-hundred thirty-seven years ago, Miles Lamonie Burns handcrafted leather harnesses for ranchers and cowpunchers in and around the tiny town of Loa, Utah.
Seven generations later, the Burns family is still going strong outfitting ladies and gents with custom boots, hats, saddles, chaps, tack, and cowboy finery in two states with four locations. The Burns’ legacy is, “using what the earth has given us; it’s the connection with our ancestors,” says present owner Danna Burns- Shaw

Burns Cowboy Shop on Park City’s Historic Main Street opened in 2008 bringing signature western style to our year-round resort. Clientele can choose boots of every hue and hide, or design their own from the ground up. A dizzying array of hides including American bison, elk, stingray, elephant, ostrich, lizard, hippo, snake, and cowhide may be selected.

The friendly staff will measure your feet to guarantee a perfect fit and supreme comfort for your custom-made cowboy boots. Next, are decisions to be made regarding hides, colors and designs. Do you want a contrasting liner with your initials, a customized collar, toe medallions, wingtips, a low or high heel, or a “five or seven toe”? What is your preferred stitch pattern and cording? Step into their design room and enjoy this fascinating process.

Danna’s passion is design; she has been perfecting her vision in merchandise and detail for over 30 years. Colors and patterns, many from mother earth, decorate and enhance the choice hides sourced and worked by the Burns family and employees. This inventive retailer heads to the Luchesse factory in El Paso, Texas four times a year to oversee production on the custom boots.
Unique leather jackets have always been a Burns Cowboy Shop staple, and this year the buzz is all about the light and supple Italian lambskin. Ask Stephanie Stewart or Jake Quarnberg to tell you about the shearling coats with coyote collars, antler buttons, and inlaid stingray panels, whip-stitched by hand.
The beautiful clothing dazzles with its superior workmanship, hand stitching and embellishments. Fine accessories like Bohlin buckles, William Henry knives and pens, and Coreen Cordova jewelry complete your western style.

And if your horse is tethered outside the Cowboy Shop, Burns saddles are made by hand in Salina according to artistry handed down through the ages. You and your steed can strut your stuff decked out in one-of-a-kind Burns gear.

363 Main St., Park City | 435-649-6300 |

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