Burns Cowboy Shop

Step inside Burns Cowboy Shop on Park City’s historic Main Street to witness firsthand the luxurious, handcrafted western wear from a family six-generations strong.

Colorful, chic, and sturdy cowboy boots climb an interior wall displaying exotic hides, dazzling designs, and a plethora of styles.

Purchasing a pair of Burns 1876 boots means a lifetime of wear. It’s all about the one-of-a-kind designs created by the talented crew and the 127 hand-executed steps involved in producing their footwear. You will find quarters (the top of the boot) stitched with everything from flowers to cowgirls sitting on a fence, to wild bucking broncos, to initials and logos.

The personable sales staff will measure your feet, taking careful note of insteps, arches, every bone and bump. Hippo, stingray, “Mad Dog Goat,” crocodile, and ostrich are only
a few of the hide choices available to you. Custom designs are sent to Texas where skilled craftsmen painstakingly construct each Burns boot.

These Cowboy Shop boots guarantee a custom fit: “It needs to be snug in the foot and loose in the heel, like you’re walking out of them,” says knowledgeable salesgirl Stephanie Stewart wearing her own pair of black crocodile boots. Then with time, the leather forms to your foot creating a perfect bond “like an orthotic.”

“You won’t find boots like Burns anywhere else; our designs and workmanship set us apart,” she adds.

Along with that new pair of boots, you will need a hat, a belt, an Italian lamb jacket, handbags, wallets, and jewelry to reflect your style. Burns invites you to explore Burns Cowboy Shop, the home of high quality, handcrafted western wear.

Store locations: Utah: Park City, 363 Main Street, 435 649-6300;
California: Carmel-by-the-Sea, Fashion Island-Newport Beach.
Open 24 hours @

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