Honoring Tradition Since 1876 – Burns Cowboy Shop

Cowboy boots were born to protect rugged pioneers tending cattle herds on wide swaths of often-inhospitable rangeland. Today it’s all about style, Burns 1876, made-in-America style.

69bThe Burns family of Salina, Utah and Park City have embellished and perfected all facets of western attire these past 138 years with boots, belts, hats, saddles, tack, and handbags to outfit country and city folks alike. Their flagship store, Burns Cowboy Shop, on Park City’s historic Main Street displays this generational march toward wearability, functionality, and eye-popping pizzazz.

According to fifth-generation owner, Danna Burns-Shaw, this year’s top sellers are the short (3” tall), little Botines of hippopotamus and calfskin, surprisingly soft and supple thanks to expert tanning. “They are sleek and sexy worn with leggings and skinny jeans.” Her husband Scott adds, “This is the home run, Burns’ latest and greatest.”

Also big this winter are 17” boots, either equestrian or western. “It’s really short or really tall this year,” claims Danna.

Sourcing their hides worldwide, the company features exotic leathers like Caiman, American Alligator, hippo, elephant and giraffe. Ostrich, goatskin and calfskin have long been favorites.
The knowledgeable, well-outfitted staff can help customers choose a pair of boots in many colors, shapes, and designs from their store shelves, or they can measure your feet to provide a custom pair. Burns boots are bench made in Texas using a 100 plus step process.

Choose a beaver or Panama hat in a variety of styles handmade at Burns Saddlery in Salina. An expert will assist in shaping your hat.

Store locations: Utah: Park City, 363 Main Street, 435 649-6300; California: Carmel-by-the-Sea, Fashion Island-Newport Beach. Open 24 hours @ www.burns1876.com

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