A full-service experience for your pet

138aWhile spending time in Park City, one may notice it is quite the pet friendly area. Once referred to as “Bark City,” the town remains a welcoming spot to those with pets. That is why it was no surprise when Maggie Wolin, a Utah local, founded The Dog Nannies in 2010. The company is five years strong and growing, made up of specialized and compassionate individuals with a spot in their hearts for animals. When your schedule is making it difficult to be there, you can rest assured The Dog Nannies will be. Services include your basics such as walks, feeding and bathing; but it is much more than that. These pet-care providers will dog sit in your homes, provide leash training, trail hikes and as Maggie puts it, “anything you want for your pets.” So for current residents and visitors, don’t miss out on this truly full- service experience for your pet and give The Dog Nannies a call or book online. You and your pets will be glad you did!


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