Find a Fabulous Faux Glow in Park City

From beds to spray, those wanting a deep dark sun-kissed tan without the sun can find a fabulous faux glow in and around Park City
Many of Park City’s premiere tanning boutiques offer clients tanning in the comfort of a full-service spa seven days a week. Companies that use the California Airbrush UV Free system offer a variety of tanning packages. Their all natural AB solutions are water and aloe vera based, with nut free products for clients with allergies. All color solutions are customized to fit the individual; the perfect blend of colors for each client’s unique skin tone and desired look is created on spot. With new mobile airbrush systems, you can schedule an appointment in your own home or hotel room, or if you would prefer a traditional bed Park City has several tanning boutiques that offer state-of the art beds as well as traditional stand up units.

Located in Redstone at Kimball Junction, THE PERFECT TAN offers high-quality lotions, two high-pressure beds, and an airbrush booth to tan without UV Rays. Bradlee Lewis explained, “At The Perfect Tan, we have a stand-up bed with a mixture of UV B and UV A. This gives a deeper tan and prepares your skin for the sun.”

SPLENDOR, also located in Redstone, carries an extensive line of St. Tropez self- tanning and gradual tanning products. Designed with all sorts of skin types in mind, even those with sensitive skin can enjoy a natural bronze glow. Several St. Tropez products also contain revolutionary anti-aging properties, and all of them are extremely hydrating, refreshing and rejuvenating for your skin.

The quality and success of tanning products has grown dramatically in recent years, so the next time you’re considering the best way to achieve that beautiful bronze look without exposure to the sun’s damaging rays, explore the variety of alternatives in Park City. | 435-658-4826 | 435-575-1800 | 435-649-1173 | 435-654-4524

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