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The logo for Alpaca International represents the principles and passion of owner Zia Boccaccio-Cotgreave. While on a trip through the Andes mountains of Peru with her family, a young

Zia caught a glimpse of an alpaca framed by the mountainous peaks. This vision would become the symbol of her future business venture, as internally she was awakened to the deep connection between the alpaca of the land and the history of her country’s people.

Alpacas have been a powerful symbol of Andean civilization for thousands of years. The alpaca has long been revered for its fineness and quality of fleece, known for producing various textiles due to its lustrous silk and prized warmth. The species continues to produce some of the most precious fiber on the planet—the “gold” of the Andes.

At Alpaca International, Zia reflects the grace and resilience of the alpaca in her brand of luxurious and creative merchandise. Highly distinctive shawls, capes, coats, and sweaters reflect the superior attributes of the alpaca fiber. Hand finished embellishments and accessories exhibit the skilled workmanship of the local Peruvian designers Boccaccio has selected to craft her vision. Her pieces are fun, functional and feminine—timeless elegance wrapped up in cherished thermal Andean textiles.

Boccaccio is originally from Peru and brings her South American savvy, sophistication and work ethic to her business practice. A background in retail and a dedication to sharing the mystical and tangible beauty of the alpaca with North America resulted in the founding of Alpaca International in 2004. By 2008 she had opened four retail shops in Washington, D.C.; Annapolis, Maryland; Cusco, Peru, and Park  City, Utah. Each location supplies her high-quality collections and accessories to a loyal and often jet-setting following.

Alpaca International’s expansion continues. Last May, Boccaccio opened another location in Juneau, Alaska. This frontier location reflects the pioneering spirit of the alpaca and Boccaccio’s native people. Her zeal for working in Park City only continues to grow with the expansion of her locations. “It’s a joy to work in Park City,” she remarks. “I’ve fallen in love with the mountains and the people of Park City.”

614 Main St., Park City, 435-658-0155,

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