By Morgan Crolley

Silver Star Café is the winner of the annual Park City Area Restaurant’s Association Cocktail Contest. The ‘LaBounty Ice Bomb’ earned the respected title for its innovative presentation and refreshing taste. Jeff LaBounty, mixologist at Silver Star Café and creator of the Ice Bomb, is winner of a $200 cash prize and is featured in
Park City’s popular “Dine About” fall event in town.

The bourbon and port-based cocktail starts as a hollowed ice sphere with a small hole drilled into the top. Sounds like a work of ice-art already. Next, Sugar House Bourbon, Warre’s Otima 10-year-old Tawny Port, and Bianca Vermouth are stirred together along with added black walnut and peach bitters and house-made balsamic organic cane syrup. The frozen sphere is then placed in a bucket glass where a small funnel is used to pour in the mixed ingredients. Garnished with a peach and served immediately, the drink then shows its unique transformation tableside. Using a small mallet, the sphere is cracked and the cocktail spills into the glass as the ice sphere turns into the rocks for the drink. Sip with relish.

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