The Soldier Hollow Grand Tour #2 is on!

The event will take place on February 13, with a start time of 09:30, and is open to all who’d like to take on the challenge, regardless of age or experience.
Covid-19 precautions required at all times – face coverings unless skis are moving and 6’ social distancing.

The Grand Tour is an untimed group ski at Soldier Hollow, that will certainly get a little competitive for some. Participants start together and ski either one, two or three laps of the Soldier Hollow trail system, whichever they choose. The Grand Tour trail is a 16.7km route that largely follows the 2002 Olympic 50km trail. Three laps totals 50km, and with 4,995 feet of vertical gain, this is the third toughest 50km ski in the world, trailing only the World Championship courses in Holmenkollen and Trondheim, Norway.

There is no entry fee to participate, just a valid trail pass (season pass or purchase on-line at