Big League Baseball Instruction in Park City

56cCentrally located in Kimball Junction, The Turf provides both private and group instruction for youth, high school, collegiate and professional baseball players. Catering to all ages and abilities, The Turf ’s high-tech equipment and professional coaches create an enjoyable and challenging experience for all those who love America’s favorite pastime and aspire to improve their game.

Want to see if you can hit it out in Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium? The Turf staff can provide you with a virtual home run contest or game experience in the stadium of your choice including all the metrics of today’s game — exit velocity, launch angles, and pitch locations.

The Turf combines high-quality professional instruction with technology to develop and refine baseball skills. Under the direction of former Major League Baseball player Robin Jennings, detailed instruction protocols have been established to promote skill development and sportsmanship.

56With an in-depth curriculum that includes instruction and clinics focused on all aspects of play including on and off-field behavior, Kevin Johnson, The Turf ’s Program and Coaching Director, points out, “mastery of skill is imperative but not without respect for the game and your opponents. We endeavor to teach the boys to see the potential in others and be able to applaud performance and success even in defeat. It is a core principle of our Skullcandy Crusher regional, state and National team programs.”

The Turf ’s competitive and multi- state programs are partnered with local headphone and speaker manufacturer Skullcandy to raise awareness of the brand’s #STAYLOUD campaign celebrating innovation, pioneers and risk- takers. The Turf ’s Executive Director, Brent Milner says, “Our version of #STAYLOUD is leaving it all on the field through performance. We want the boys and girls who train with us to let their positive actions, performance, and passion speak for themselves and be infectious to others.”

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