A little extra space

The dog world is wonderfully full of a diverse range of canine personalities and Park City sure is full of them!

What started off as a small idea has now snowballed into a worldwide movement: as of 2015, the Yellow Dog Project has reached nearly 50 countries and is growing by the day. Tara Palardy designed the program to spread the word about dogs in need of extra space using a special marker she hopes will soon be an internationally understood symbol — a yellow ribbon.

The concept is incredibly simple. By tying a yellow ribbon onto the leash of a dog that would really prefer his or her space, the owner is sending a message to others that their pooch should not be approached without permission (human or canine) and to please maintain distance when passing. A yellow ribbon isn’t necessarily an indication of a dangerous or aggressive animal — rather, it should be interpreted as a caution sign and a request for space.

The Yellow Dog Project is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from kind animal lovers, and it’s urging animal advocates, veterinary offices, training facilities and more to spread the word about the movement. For more information and printable flyers about the Yellow Dog Project or updates on the movement’s progress, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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