Globally Influenced Cuisine with a Southern Accent

Executive Chef Matt Harris melds his Southern roots with the Beehive State at Tupelo, his new Park City Restaurant.

Drawing on his vast experience opening restaurants, including the J&G Grill at the St. Regis Deer Valley and Th e Market in Atlanta, Harris and partner Maggie Alvarez’s labor of love has resulted in an inviting haven for foodies, a place where the menu captures the vivid culinary memories from their own lives.


A long-time practitioner of the slow food and farm-to-table movements, Chef Harris continues to create menus using locally-sourced ingredients and products from small-scale farmers, cheesemakers and fishermen. “We travel on our stomachs,” says Alvarez, citing the advantages of living with lobstermen in Maine, and continuing to work with producers that they’ve met in person. They’ve created dishes like Maine Crab Fritters with Pickled Okra, using humble, familiar ingredients in a fresh, new way. While vacationing in Chile last year, Harris was inspired by the popularity of octopus dishes, and once home, incorporated those flavors in the Chargrilled Chilean Octopus now on the menu. Tupelo’s New American Cuisine features globally-influenced elements with a Southern accent, like the Pan Roasted Elk with baked beans, candied dates, passion fruit and butternut squash, or the Koosharem Valley Trout with golden rice, buttered peas, country ham and pickled peppers.

177b“We’ve got a great team in place,” says Alvarez. “A lot of them, including sous chefs, servers and wine directors, have been with us at other restaurants. They’re passionate about the food and can relate the stories underlying every dish to our patrons so they can feel that connection, too. We’re constantly out there exploring, bringing something to your plate that you’ve never had before.”

Head pastry chef Shirley Butler’s rich desserts originate from her extensive travels and a return to her roots in the English countryside. While working as a nanny in London, Paris and Switzerland, she fell in love with baking, and later honed her skills as a personal chef. Butler honed her culinary skills at De Gustibus, as did other well-renowned chefs, like Jonathan Waxman. She pairs her classic British palate with tastes from far-flung locales, creating classics like Sticky Toffee Pudding and twists on old favorites like Strawberry Cannoli with Basil Ice Cream.
The team at Tupelo invites you to kick back and join them in their delicious journey — to learn, connect and indulge.

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