Utah Symphony Celebrates Hispanic Heritage and is Re-imagining the 2020-2021 Season!

September was Hispanic Heritage month, and the Utah Symphony plans to celebrate the event in style! This weekend the Utah Symphony will host a special concert “Celebracion Sinfonica.”

The Symphony has compiled a list of works by some incredible Latin American composers for you to explore—you’re sure to find your new favorite song!

The first seven songs were contributed by the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City. It highlights several Mexican composers, and their diverse styles of music from baroque to Romantic and beyond.

The history of music in Mexico traces back to the first pre-hispanic cultures, who considered music as much as a highly appreciated form of art, as a connection to earth and religion. Their music was later imprinted into a new chapter of western orchestral music whit the arrival of Spain to America. Some of the most prominent orchestral music of that time was written by the New Spain Chapel Masters and, ever since, it evolved through evangelization, independence wars, revolutions and nationalist eras, into the modern times that reflect Latin America’s deep history and rich diversity.

The Utah Symphony has taken extreme precaution while finding ways to share live music with our audiences once again. Engineers from the University of Utah modeled the airflow on the Abravanel Hall stage to see how COVID-10 could circulate among players. The Utah Symphony is taking this and other expert opinions into consideration as they strategize how to safely perform during the pandemic. Additionally, the USUO remains committed to fulfilling its mission to connect the community through great live music and is planning a vibrant future. You can play an important role in their recovery by making a contribution today. Visit usuo.org for showtimes, COVID-19 udpates, contributions and special events.