When the snow falls and the area’s ski resorts fill with locals and tourists zooming down hillsides, some sportsmen head to the tranquility of the wilderness.

Near Park City, there are several renowned rivers and streams that give anglers an opportunity to participate in their favorite sport in the heart of ski season. Fish will rise regularly throughout the winter months to feed, even when it’s below zero. The Provo and Green Rivers have midge or blue winged olive hatches even when temperatures are freezing. Nymphs are recommended for the fish laid up in the deep, slower holes, while dries or streamers are suggested for the larger fish. With a little patience and know-how, every angler can catch enough trout to satisfy their sense of sportsmanship.

Some of Utah’s most renowned fishing guides call Park City home. Available through most of the local fly shops, they take all the hassle out of fishing trips by providing everything from rods and flies to lunch. They will drive you to their favorite spots that almost always provide good catches and an opportunity to see wildlife.

The only must-do in winter fly-fishing is dressing to stay dry and warm. A reasonable investment in good gear will make the difference between enjoying your day outdoors or being uncomfortable and frozen. With today’s sportswear technology, anyone can wade in hip-deep waters without risking getting wet

or cold. With a bottom layer of Moreno wool to draw moisture away from your body, topped with Gore-Tex® waders and a waterproof jacket, you’ll be comfortable all day.

After you’ve had your fill of speed and crowds, take a day off in a snow-covered wilderness with the sound of a stream in your ears. When you return home calmed and awed by nature’s beauty, you’ll be glad you did. Who knows, you may even become another ardent member of the fly-fishing fan club.

Expert fly-fishing advice offered by Chad Jaques, owner of Trout Bum II, troutbum2.com.

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