How Vacasa is Changing the Vacation Rental Industry

When thinking about vacation rentals, most people are probably familiar with VRBO, HomeAway or Airbnb. But if you haven’t already, it’s time to check out Vacasa (pronounced vuh-KAH-suh), especially if you are a homeowner looking to rent out a property. Unlike other rental sites, Vacasa is much more than just a listing platform. It is an all-in-one vacation rental management company, offering the same services as those other sites and eliminating the need for a separate property manager.

Vacasa employs local teams that literally take care of everything from acquiring permits and paying taxes to marketing and housekeeping and everything in between. As Jody Hardesty, a Utah-based, senior business development specialist at Vacasa explained, “We’re a modern full-service property management service; from start to finish, we do it all.” Th is means less hassle for owners and readily available, reliable service for their renters.

Founded in Portland in 2009 with “one unit on the Washington coast,” Vacasa currently manages over 7,000 vacation rental homes in 20 states and 15 countries around the world. They’ve made headlines as the fastest growing, technology-enabled, full-service property management company in the industry and are on their way to becoming the largest.

But what really sets Vacasa apart and benefits both owner and guest: they have local service teams to manage every property on their site.

Visiting their site (, you will notice more than a few diff rences from other online rental marketplaces. As a traveler who’s been unpleasantly surprised upon arrival at a rental property (the “pool” my kids were so excited about turned out to be the size of a bathtub), one of my favorite features is the 3D tour. Vacasa provides 3D tours for every single rental they list…what you see really is what you get, down to the type of coffeemaker (pods or beans?). So whether the rental is in Park City or South Africa, guests are able to find their perfect place to stay.

Along with the 3D tours, they provide professional photos (at no additional cost to the homeowner) and guarantee homeowners will make more money with them. Vacasa is able to set prices that will both attract guests and optimize rates for owners using a machine learning-driven algorithm for its pricing technology. Th e soft ware makes real-time changes to rental rates based on millions of data points such as weather forecasts, market activity and even holidays.

Managing second homes only (no rooms for rent here), Vacasa primarily offers family or group getaway options, but they also have apartments and condos in popular urban markets. Vacasa lists their homes on all the major booking channels, which means there’s a good chance you’ll be staying at one of their properties even if you book through Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO. You can also book directly through Vacasa’s website.

A modern property manager, Vacasa supports locally operated teams with groundbreaking technology and operational sophistication—all in the name of making vacation rentals easy for everyone.

Kind of makes you feel right at home. See for yourself at

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