Written by Morgan Crolley

186bAnyone who has an appreciation for that morning — or afternoon — “cuppa Joe” knows the local spots that serve up the best brews. Whether it’s on Main Street or in Kimball Junction, the Park City area is abundant in its coffee shop delights. If you want to enjoy some reading while you have your beverage, Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse on Main Street or Park City Coffee Roasters in the new beautiful library may suit you. If you’re craving a sweet treat with your cup of coffee, Java Cow Café & Bakery, at the top of Main, has an ice cream selection that rivals its coffees’. Located just inside The Market on Snow Creek Drive is The Copper Cup, featuring Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Try this one-stop-shop for delicious drinks and all your grocery needs.

With so many great and unique places in town, it’s comforting to know our much-loved beverages are right around the corner. As for the recent studies affirming the health benefits of coffee? We’ll drink to that!

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