The Waldorf Astoria Spa’s approach to wellness and aesthetics integrates the use of natural ingredients and a variety of holistic services to suit all needs. Just in time for summer, the Spa has introduced some exciting new lines.

HydroPeptide ® is an advanced antioxidant- and peptide-rich formula for brightening and evening skin tone. Combining over sixty peptides with botanical stem cells and moisturizing agents, HydroPeptide® treatments and products naturally enhance the skin’s fullest potential without requiring the recovery time often associated with skin treatments.

The Spa includes HydroPeptides® to enhance its HydraFacial® treatment, a non-invasive resurfacing procedure that removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities, simultaneously bathing the “new” skin with hydrating and youth-restoring serums. Not only do guests see immediate results, they can continue the care for their skin at home with the HydroPeptide® line.

Gretchen Hudgens, lead therapist at the Spa, says, “HydroPeptide® has really filled a niche. We chose to bring it in because the results really back up the science. Our clients gravitate towards HydroPeptide® treatments with immediate and continuous improvement.”

“Brighten Up” is offered as a perfect summer facial. It exfoliates, reduces inflammation and delivers radiant skin with a pigment- correcting peptide and potent dose of antioxidants. For sensitive skin, the “Calm Down” facial is designed to deliver superior anti-aging and anti-redness results with blueberry-infused treatments, bentonite clay and mandelic acid—a gentle alpha hydroxy shown to be effective on fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage.

The Waldorf Astoria Spa also offers traditional Ayurvedic massages, such as the Bindi Body Rejuvenation. This massage begins with exfoliation and uses Dosha oils to stimulate circulation and detoxification; it ends in a warm cocoon wrap, providing serenity and relaxation.

“Shirodhara” is a form of Ayurvedic therapy that involves gently pouring liquids (oil, buttermilk or coconut water, to name a few) over the forehead. The liquids are gently massaged into the hair and scalp, followed by a light facial massage.

Both the Bindi and the Shirodhara massages can be combined for a complete head-to-toe experience. Ashiatsu, Shiatsu and lymphatic massages are also available, along with traditional body and facial treatments.

Each Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City experience—be it an intense Pilates session or an indulgent body wrap—is tailored to the guest’s needs and desires, contributing to a comprehensive wellness plan that soothes the mind, body and spirit. And with new product availability, guests can pamper themselves long after they’ve left this relaxing retreat.

Waldorf Astoria Spa Park City is among the fine spas worldwide offering a full-service day spa and wellness center, and featuring HydraFacial treatments and the HydroPeptide retail collection.


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