A  place to call home.

The yearning for a safe place to call home lives in all of us. A place where we can be who we are, trusted by our neighbors, and share a common lifestyle that produces everyday joys that outshine all differences. This fundamental value is what has made Park City such a cool place to live since the mines closed and the ski resorts opened, and it is the bedrock of the design decisions in the Bonanza Park redevelopment project. “The Bonanza Park project has a rare opportunity to enhance the future of Park City,” said Mayor Dana Williams. “Having a developer who has worked tirelessly to understand current needs in the city and willing to adapt his project to meet some of those needs is very encouraging.”

Going through the planning process since June of 2010, the recreation of this central area of Park City will initiate a new model in community planning. “Park City is where I’ve raised my kids and live full time,” says Mark J. Fischer, principal in the redevelopment project. “I want to see this area of town reinvented into a place we’re all proud of. It’s going to be sustainable, walkable, respectful of the environment, and fill economic niches that are badly needed.” By implementing internationally recognized principles of smart growth, Bonanza Park will provide an efficient infrastructure for a wide variety of transportation modes, diverse choices in housing, and meaningful emphasis on preserving the environment. And how many pollution- producing car trips would you cancel if everything you needed was just a block or two away?

While designing Bonanza Park, none of what Park City values most has been overlooked. Our small town- feel, our historic character, and our love for the beautiful natural setting have all been preserved. “We have really enjoyed the opportunity to create a forward- thinking plan for this area that has been very collaborative in nature; a plan that benefits those living within and outside of the Bonanza Park area,” said Thomas Eddington Jr., Planning Director for Park City. Vibrant arts and culture, world-class recreation, and exceptional residential benefits are the guiding project goals. The Developers have considered local amenities and economic sectors that are currently missing from Park City. Jonathan Weidenhamer, Park City’s Economic Development Manager, said: “Bonanza Park will provide the infrastructure for economic sectors that currently have no place to go in Park City. The diversification of industry beyond ski resorts and the expansion of job opportunities will make it possible for more people to call Park City home for their entire lives.” For all us who would choose to live in Park City over any other place in the world, it will be wonderful to never have to think about moving because we can’t find meaningful employment, suitable housing, higher education, or assisted living.

The creators of Bonanza Park are locals who call Park City home full-time. They have a commitment to gaining your partnership in this major redevelopment project and want to know your concerns. All the information is available for you to browse on bonanzapark.com. After looking over the information available there, I think you will agree that Bonanza Park is the Park City neighborhood we’ve all dreamed of. Let’s make our hometown a place that truly reflects the smart, caring, and oh-so-cool people we are!

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