Because your home’s windows become the most direct connection to the natural beauty of the outdoors, it’s so important to find the best ways to preserve those spectacular views, while still protecting your investment. At Park City’s marvelously high elevation, homeowners are faced with a few dilemmas—how to prevent premature sun damage to their interior furnishings, as well as controlling excess glare and heat.

Long-term Park City residents and owners of Park City Tint, Sean and Katie Flood, have become the window tint specialists for our high mountain homes and businesses. They understand that with UV rays that are 30% more intense at our altitude than at sea level, high quality window tinting is an excellent solution.

Why It Works
Park City Tint’s solar control films actually block 99% of UV rays, making a huge difference in the fading of interior furnishings including your furniture, hardwood floors, artwork and rugs. Because it blocks solar radiation, window tinting also reduces the heat gain coming through your windows by 60-79%, enough to make a difference in utility bills.

Changing Your Outlook
When some people think of window tints, they might still envision the first generation films that often bubbled or turned a dark purple after a few years, but today’s high-quality products are worlds apart from those. Demonstrating their experience and trust in their products in our climate, Park City Tint provides unbeatable and lifetime warranties. Using test films so you can see exactly what a particular tint will look like in your windows is yet another way Park City Tint has responded to their customers’ needs and concerns.

“Most of our films are so light in color they aren’t even noticeable,” said Katie. “And, like a fine pair of sunglasses, they can actually enhance the view, making colors crisper and details more striking.”

Framing Your Best Views
“Finding films that are custom matched to your home or business is a critical part of the process,” explains Sean. Each project at Park City Tint begins with a personal visit and recommendations made from years of experience in window tints and Park City. To view just a few recent community projects around town, check out the USSA Center of Excellence, Park City Ice Arena, and the captivating windows of the funicular leading up to The St Regis Deer Valley.


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