Project of Park City Community Foundation 1000 Women Unite to Make a Difference

The Park City Community Foundation has launched a Women’s Giving Fund, which will provide up to $50,000 per year in grants to Summit County causes that support women and children. The Women’s Giving Fund’s goal is to build a $1 million endowment in one year, by engaging 1,000 women to give a one-time gift of $1,000 each.

Membership is for a lifetime, but the gift is a one-time donation. Women and girls can donate their $1,000 in one payment, quarterly, or monthly ($84/month for one year). People may also donate in honor of a woman or girl—a wonderful Mother’s Day, graduation or anniversary gift. The fund’s mission is to provide high impact grants to Summit County nonprofits that serve women and children. The impact will be far-reaching; each year the fund will grant up to $50,000 to local nonprofits—forever.

The grants will have a major impact in our local community. Says Trisha Worthington, Executive Director of Park City Community Foundation, “A $20,000 or $30,000 grant can make a huge difference in a local nonprofit’s programming. For example, it can be used to hire educators for an afterschool program or equipment to offer low-cost vision or dental care. With a high-impact gift, a nonprofit can serve a need that is going unmet in our community.”

Leaders of the fund are overjoyed with the community’s response. Over 100 women had already committed to join before the launch in late March—just through word of mouth. Maren Mullin, owner of Gallery MAR and Women’s Giving Fund member said, “I’ve joined because I know my gift will be matched by 999 other people, is one time, and will have impact forever. I’m excited to join with other women and make grant decisions.”

To learn more about the Women’s Giving Fund, visit | 435-214-7475 |

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