By Sharon Mardula

Opinions vary, according to Google which lists 16 million results. The message emanating from the “It’s all about me” one-percenters on reality TV, weekly magazines and online tweets, posts and photos would proclaim that “More is better!” Yet current research shows that while happiness from a new possession quickly fades, joy from experiences endures. So instead of giving more shortly sidelined stuff, try giving one of these favorite experiences.

If access to Utah’s largest private ranch at the highest elevation isn’t enough reason to visit Thousand Peaks, then spotting wildlife while riding along looped trails in pristine backcountry should be. It’s a short thirty-minute drive from Park City, but a world away from civilization. Book 2-hour, half-day or longer tours. Visit

Your European dining adventure begins at the Park City Mountain Resort base area with a scenic sleigh ride to the Viking Yurt high up at 8,800 ft. elevation. Snuggly surrounded by warm blankets, enjoy the views of the pine forest contrasting with the lights of Park City far below. Any chills are chased away by your greeter and a hot goblet of glog. The six-course delectable meal with a Norwegian flair features butternut squash soup, smoked trout and short ribs. It is accompanied by live music and high hospitality. By the way, how did they get a baby grand piano up the mountain? For more information go to

“Outliers” author Malcolm Gladwell asserts that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is required to become a world-class athlete.
And there’s no debate that Olympic bobsledders are world-class athletes. But here’s a secret: you can sign up at the Utah Olympic Park to zoom down the 2002 Olympic bobsled course, rounding curves at 4-5 G’s with speeds that bring tears to your eyes. It’s done without even one hour of practice. Unforgettable!

Paso Fino translates to “fine step” and riding these sure-footed steads truly is fine stepping. With their naturally smooth gait, these horses glide through the white stillness and beauty of the backcountry. It’s an uncommon excursion into the less visited side of snowy Utah.
More information is available at

Locals know. Some second homeowners know. And now you will know. PCHS, the local high school, has the biggest and best auditorium, seating 1,300 with state-of-the-art projection, sound, and lighting equipment. But you’d expect no less. After all, PCHS is Park City High School! And Park City Institute schedules primo performances to match the facility. There isn’t a bad seat in the place and tickets start at only $29. Spring for premium tickets and you can share noshes with the performers after the show.

Near or far, wild or mild, the Park City area has unique and unforgettable experiences for everyone. Reserve yours today and be sure to share your experience to create your own shared happiness.

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