Holistic Healing with Spa and Wellness Practitioners

By Loren Kornreich

In the expanding arena of alternative and holistic care, spas and caregivers who are becoming more dynamically trained and knowledgeable at treating the “whole” person, can educate the client/ consumer about true healing.

Oftentimes, an ache or pain is much deeper than the site of pain itself, and as many qualified alternative therapists and practitioners can attest, aches, pains and even skin conditions can be rooted inward and often be related to nutrition or underlying core issues.

Some of the most curated and sought after holistic practices can be found right here in Park City. At Zanté Spa, feeling good from the inside out, both physically and spiritually, as well as looking in the mirror and seeing a strong and glowing reflection, starts by tuning into what your body is telling you.

Zante starts with treating the “whole” person and breaking it down into three simple steps for ease in understanding:

109STEP 1. TUNE IN: Each spa experience begins by tuning into the body, its energy and needs, such as Zanté Spas’ centuries-old practices of chakra
balancing or acupuncture. You and your therapist will listen to what the body and its energies are conveying, as well as identify areas in the body that may need more specific focus. As a reminder, the outward manifestations we see and feel with our bodies are reflections of what is happening inside.

STEP 2. OWN IT: Armed with knowledge by having “tuned in,” you and your Zanté Spa therapist decide the next course of action. That may include a customized massage or treatment, or a consultation with a nutritionist to ad- dress specific areas of need. Taking action, and more importantly, being armed with knowledge of what is going on with your own body, are when true results can occur.

STEP 3. LET GO: Healing happens on a deeper level when we take the time, or in some cases, allow ourselves the time it takes to heal. Living in the “I need it now” age is a problem for many people. Putting down the phone, unplugging, and allowing yourself to let go opens up space to attend to healing. Monthly sessions of the ancient practice of Shamanic healing with holistic practitioners at Zanté Spa are designed to keep you in tune with yourself and integrate deeper healing practices in body, mind and spirit.

As public awareness for comprehensive wellness and holistic care grows, more people are looking to safe and proven therapies to address their health care needs. Zanté Spa specifically tailors treatments for each client. Utilizing Eastern and Western therapeutic modalities, highly qualified specialists offer a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, acupuncture, and healing energy work. These therapeutic practices from around the world support the body to heal itself…and healing ourselves is what it’s all about.

Patricia Damon is an active, hands-on owner of Zante Spa and leads a team of holistic specialists. A graduate of The International Dermal Institute in California, Patricia Damon is trained in both medical and Ayurvedic techniques. Her expertise has taken on greater dimension as a result of her work with a leading plastic surgery practice, and as a national educator for a top skin care line in Europe. zantespa.com

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