If you love art or simply enjoy looking at beautiful, interesting, unique creations, stop by the Thomas Anthony Gallery located on Main Street in the heart of historic Park City. The gallery features a beautiful selection of paintings and sculptures by national and internationally acclaimed artists as well as regional and up and coming artists. Th e owners, Thomas and Carolyn Anthony can be found in the gallery, seven days a week from the day after Thanksgiving until April 15.

The two have been passionately involved in the art world for more than 40 years. 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of their Park City gallery and when asked whether there was a plan to celebrate, Thomas said, “Art is a powerful reminder of the way life should be: embraced, enjoyed, full of beauty. What we want to do in our 20th year is continue to give our visitors and collectors an exceptional and pleasurable experience.”

What makes the gallery so vibrant is the variety of art on display. When asked how he and his wife decide on which artists to work with, he humbly replied, “After 40 plus years of doing this, I’m so blessed. I probably get a minimum of five to ten submissions a week from all over the world.”

Art preferences and styles change, but what never changes is Thomas’ passion for sharing art with the public. “We aim to show our visitors things they’ve never seen. There’s work from artists in Utah and all over the world. We’ve showcased 100% leather sculptures by Liu Miao Chan, all done by hand, in all forms and shapes. Th ere’s a wildlife artist, Josh Tobey, with the most exquisite patinas. We have probably the most celebrated wood turner in America, Ted Knight, because he works on such a large scale.”

Speaking with Thomas, one gets the sense that art is not only his life, but that he believes deep down in his soul that art itself is life. He gets immense joy from being able to share the beauty of what art represents and knowing it will be placed in people’s homes and offices. Customers oft en send pictures of how they’re displaying the art they’ve purchased. “When it arrives, we smile, knowing they’re living with the beauty of the piece every day of their life.”

In the gallery, Thomas enjoys engaging with customers. He recalled how sometimes people whisper and treat it like a museum. His aim is for people to feel comfortable—not intimidated—so that they are free to enjoy the art. “I’ll walk up to people who are whispering and I’ll whisper, “Why are you whispering?” Th at gets them laughing and puts them at ease enough to truly enjoy the gallery. Says Thomas, “We absolutely love what we do. That’s the bottom line. We will do it as long as we can. Th e artwork is front and center. This is where our passion lies.”

By Melissa Hilton