From its majestic mountain ranges to its rich red-rock landscapes, Utah’s dazzling beauty will be on full display this September when doors open at the new Salt Lake City
International Airport. No corner or corridor will be left out when reflecting the airport’s commitment to the visual arts.

“The whole intent—the overall theme of the architecture, of all the art decisions, the commissioned pieces and the fine art pieces—is to celebrate the natural beauty of Utah,” explained California-based artist Gordon Huether, who has collaborated with the airport redevelopment program every step of the way since being commissioned in 2015 with its comprehensive art master plan.

Along with his own large-scale permanent installations, Huether helped curate the airport’s 150-piece fine-art collection that features pieces by internationally recognized artists like Peter Max as well as several Utah-based artists including Doug Snow, Suzanne Kanatsiz, Jennifer Rasmusson, Marianne Cone and Michael Begue. While pieces will be exhibited throughout the entire airport, a concentrated display will be behind glass in the Greeting Room, located in the non-secure side of the airport.

Local artists will also be represented for the redesign of the TSA Security checkpoint area, the Mid-Concourse Tunnel and the rental car space.

When reflecting on the scope of the project, Huether said it’s been a commission unlike any other: “Between restoring, reimagining and curating things already there then adding to it the Whimsy Walls, six major installations and subsequent smaller installations, there is not an airport that I’m aware of in the United States that has demonstrated such a commitment to the visual arts and to being part of the airport and the airport experience.”

The New SLC Airport Redevelopment Program:

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