DISCOVER EPIC JOURNEYS filled with fun and joy at Bear Lake Valley

Bear Lake Valley has an impressive checklist of things to do. Most are closer than you think, and you’d be surprised what you can cram into one day.

Did you know that Bear Lake has rentals from ATV, Kayaks, Boats, bikes and E-bikes, paddle boards, to Camp trailer rentals? Bridgerland Adventure Park is another highlight for all ages.

has a variety of unique and luxurious lodging options. The ultimate in Glamping Luxury, the Royal and Grand Tents sleeps between 2 and 6 guests and includes in-suite batherooms! Enjoy one of the authentic Family Wagsons or cozy into a 4 person Traditional Tent.

Bear Lake has quite a few beach areas to hang out on. We have the North Beach, Rendezvous Beach, Garden City Beach, Bear Lake Marina, and of course oodles of places on the east side of the lake.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A ZEN, tranquil time Bear Lake UT/ID is the best. From camping to glamping, to a gorgeous cabin to a resort stay these local businesses are waiting to serve you and make sure you have a wonderful stay. The fun never stops in the mountains.

Visit for a list of all lodging options.