Alpine Distilling’s co-owner, Sara Sergent, comes from a long line of “spirited” women including Irish pirate, Grace O’Malley. After being introduced to gin distilling in Edinburgh, Scotland a few years ago she was inspired to create her own distinctive taste.

Sara invited Chef de Cuisine Rachel Wiener of J&G Grill St. Regis Deer Valley, Copper Moose Farm’s Daisy Fair, Uintah Coffee’s Ariel Vernell, and Hugo Coffee’s Claudia McMullin to blend their products and ideas into a new gin crafted entirely by women.

The process starts with pure water from Alpine Distilling’s Ogallala aquifer. Before distilling, the mash gets a quick soak with coffee beans for a touch of acidity. During the three-day distilling, Kosher certified botanicals from all over the world are added to create an intensely fragrant complement to the juniper. These ingredients include juniper berries/Croatia, coriander seed/Egypt, cardamom/Guatemala, angelica root/France, orris root/Morocco, lemon peel/America, licorice root/China and coff ee beans from Brazil and Nicaragua. Th e gin is then aged in new American oak barrels with reverse-osmosis deionized water for about three months, giving it a slightly tannic note for a remarkably dry finish. “We check it oft en, tasting it every week until we decide, ‘It’s done!’ ” says Sergent. Th e oak barrels impart a pale golden color to the gin and its fl orals and well rounded mellow flavor make it perfect for sipping.

Th e spirit comes in beautiful, custom designed bottles featuring the segolily, Utah’s official state flower. This first batch of 560 bottles of Barrel Select Gin will be available exclusively at St. Regis Deer Valley.

“It’s my hope that whether you try the St. Regis Barrel Select Gin in a classic Collins, a stirred martini or an original St. Regis creation,” says Sergent, “you will enjoy this little sip of Park City life.”


“The world is full of great women (and men) but the really cool part is when they come together to work on small craft projects in their own small towns. I love being a part of the Park City locally grown and made community—and I love all the smart, sensitive, powerful women that I get to work with within Summit County.” – Daisy Fair

“The Barrel Select Gin is a world class product that harmonizes with the passionate and incredible local female leaders of Park City that helped to create this unique spirit. The Barrel Select mirrors the standard of excellence that St. Regis Deer Valley has created over the years. I am humbled to have worked with so many amazing women and I am grateful for the new friendships.” – Sara Sergent

“It has been a truly incredible experience to be part of this project and collaborate with such a talented group of local women. As a chef venturing into beverage development, I’ve learned so much from everyone who has been a part of this project. I’m so proud to be part of this gin and can’t wait for people to come try it at the St. Regis.” – Rachel Weiner

“The girl gin project took on a life force of its own. A beautiful collaboration of women working together and empowering future generations…You can do whatever you put your mind to.” – Cortney Johanson

“When I met the “Gin Girls” it reminded me that we all must follow through on our visions and aspirations because it always leads to a higher path.” – Liz Field