As COVI D-19 swept across the world, the once ceaseless airline industry was forced to a sudden stop. Aircraft were parked, pilots hung up their uniforms and travel-hungry passengers were ordered to quarantine.

Commercial airlines, carrying up to 850 people on a single flight, focused on ways to sanitize aircraft, establish social distancing onboard and protect passengers from this vicious airborne virus. Another sector of the aviation industry was already positioned to move ahead the new travel orders with their advanced safety measures: private jet charter.

Keystone Aviation, the largest private jet charter company in Utah, based in Salt Lake City, is leading the way for air travel in the new, mid-COVID-19 world. With safety standards meeting FAA and CDC requirements, through new protocols and services including enhanced aircraft sanitization, PPE and vigorous wellness-checks prior to boarding, crew and passengers experience the highest level of service and health standards. From small aircrafts carrying a few passengers, to large jets carrying up to 19, a major advantage of a large private fleet variety is the ability to manage one’s passenger list. Plus, an option for contactless drop-off allows passengers to avoid lines and proceed quickly to take off. “We are able to provide travelers with security and a well-managed healthy travel experience, even during a pandemic” explained Aaron Fish, Chief Operating Officer for Keystone Aviation.

COVID-19’s impact to travel didn’t stop at safety requirements on the aircraft or in the airports-every state and country has implemented unique travel restrictions, requiring the expertise of Keystone Aviation flight planning to organize the most efficient travel for their clients. They determine how to get travelers as close to their destination as possible while still obeying new rules, cancelled services and even closure of airports. An advantage of private jet charter (even pre-COVID-19), is that Keystone Aviation can get you closer to your remote destination. Out of the 19,636 airports in the United States only 5,080 are accessible by commercial airline, leaving 14,556 only accessible by private airplane service. With private air charter, going to Sedona, Moab, Coeur d’Alene or even the Bahamas from Salt Lake City is one direct flight instead of requiring three layovers and a plane change.

Air charter has been providing safe, secure and efficient flights for discerning travelers at both short and long distances way before COVID-19. “You pick when you leave, versus what airlines have determined is the best schedule. If you want to make a change, you can;’ states Fish. With Keystone Aviation, your travel schedule is determined by you, the passenger.

Isn’t that how travel should be?

“Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages to travelling by private aircraft. You travel on your schedule.”

SOURCEAmber Qalagari
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