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The Rhythm of Art

The great challenge of any visual artist is to create living, energetic movement from a static form. Artworks come to life through the mastery...

Wildlife in Art

There is a moment of grace one feels when a moose wanders into view or we hear the distinct sound of elk bugling in...

The Arts, Galleries and Museums Guide Winter 2017

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Chasing Golden Light

Throughout history it’s been called many names—the Golden Hour, the Magic Hour, or the Sweet Hour, just to name a few. No matter the...

Summer 2017 Park City Gallery Directory

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Park City Art Watch

With all the elements of the quintessential art town, from a vibrant community of visual artists and art lovers, musicians and filmmakers, to jaw-dropping...

Get Lost in the Park City Art Scene

The mountains, gorgeous sunsets and scenic hikes provide a perfect hook to visit Park City for the first time. What keeps many people coming...