“Art is a way for us to communicate,” says new Kimball Art Center Director Aldy Milliken. “When you explore culture, you learn how strong and connected the community is, even in conflicts. Art has a way of elevating voices that have been underappreciated.”

A graduate of the Getty Leadership Institute, the Museum Leadership Program at Claremont University, and the former director of the Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft , Milliken has a proven track record of building dynamic art spaces and connecting people through art. Since his arrival in July, Milliken has dug deep into the DNA of the Kimball Art Center, learning its history and discovering what artists need to elevate their work to the next level. “I’m ultimately looking to engage people from all facets of the community—to offer up an open invitation to have a conversation.”

“At its core, the Kimball Art Center is an educational institution coupled with an engaging art space that encourages people to express themselves,” he says. Working with the City to plan the new Arts & Culture District unifies all of Milliken’s past experience as an artist, gallery curator and director. “Our goal is to create cultural excellence through internationally respected exhibition programs and offer new opportunities for local artists to partner with donors and also to engage with, and be inspired by, national and international artists through educational programs. Th is project off ers the chance of growing Park City in new non-tourist-heavy ways, combining community involvement with sustainability goals, art and architecture.”

“I am thrilled to work with the Park City community to help create a vibrant arts and culture district. I could not be more excited to bring my energy and experience to lead such an established and well-respected organization.” Park City is excited to welcome you too, Mr. Milliken.