This December 2020, Trove Gallery welcomes renowned artists David Dornan and Heather Barron. Both artists are known for their reimagined meanings, execution and technique.

“I’m interested in the integrity of paint, that is paint that looks like paint, but also to create an illusion. When the two are cohesive, that is where I find success. I strive for balance between chaos and order and that equalness is universally present in my work. I am enamored with the process, and not so much the subject matter, as that is what has kept me painting for nearly 45 years. I found the more I tried to define art, the less I knew. When I gave that up, I enjoyed painting even more.”

“In life you just pick yourself up and go on, that’s what I hope my work reflects. I think women are just so powerful and graceful. Th ey have a power I want to portray. Sometimes if I’ve recently met someone, they will end up in one of my paintings. I’m always surprised to see who is looking back at me when I’m finished. Inspired by the rich dark colors of the renaissance-era paintings, I paint on black Masonite, a technique that gives a luminescent quality to the cool, heavily applied acrylics and oils I use in my work.”
New paintings, sculptures and demos are featured
throughout the entire month of December.