It’s only fitting that in an award-winning town, there should stand an award-winning distillery. Rob Sergent, founder of Alpine Distilling, knew the moment he stepped foot into our distinguished mountain community that the growing metropolis would benefit from a first-rate distillery. As we know, Park City, Utah offers the best of everything and “sets the bar as high as its Sergent, who moved to Park City in 2011, pursued the idea of taking his ancestors’ affinity for “moonshining” to the next level. Stretching back into the 1800’s, his family had distilled moonshine and whiskey in the shadows of the Appalachian mountaintops for decades. He can still recall the lively spirit at family gatherings and “how the adults would bring their preferred whisky, turning the evenings into fascinating conversations and revelry.”

Alpine Distilling, which is located at 7132 N. Silver Creek Road, recently earned two medals at the prestigious International Consumer Tasting SIP Awards. Preserve Liqueur, a tea, fruit and spice liqueur, received the highest “Platinum” award, while the stone fruit and primrose fl avored Lafayette Bourbon Whiskey was awarded “Gold.” As Sergent says, “We have worked very hard to create world-class products that are worthy of our renowned Park City, Utah location. Being recognized with such high honors is very rewarding.”

Alpine Distilling produces the highest quality premium spirits for the “active, creative and mindful individuals who are drawn to this outdoor paradise.”

The unique company specializes in flavored cordials — resulting in award-winning tastes across the globe. Sergent, who spent many years in Great Britain and Germany, has received accolades for his ability to distill creations that pay homage to the fl avorful European spirits. One of their many fans states, “Both art and science, along with traditional and modern methods meld together as Rob revives a craft that shines with antiquity.”

In the art of philanthropy, Alpine Distilling is pleased to donate a portion of proceeds to benefit local non-profits, such as Park City Community Foundation and Swaner Nature Preserve. Specifically, one of their premium vodkas called Persistence Vodka, gives a portion of its sales to the Avalanche Center. Lastly, in an effort to promote responsible drinking, the company is selling Breathalyzer key chains in their store. A special thanks to Alpine Distilling, an impressive company that is focused on giving back to our community.

For more information, please visit — or stop by their location in Silver Creek from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily.

By Tanya Taylor

SOURCETanya Taylor
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