Food trends. It’s an ever-evolving list that often includes several tried-and-true staples (think kale and quinoa) as well as those fad food crazes that come and go like a chilled wine cooler on a hot summer day (we still miss you, Sun Country!). But one trend that tends to stand the test of time is aiming to choose foods and drinks that boost our well-being.

Maintaining health, promoting proper body function and disease prevention are just a few of the overarching benefits to healthy eating, but where to begin? To help you navigate the abundance of choices for using food as your “pharmacy,” we’ve compiled a list of current Park City health food trends that are not only easy to obtain around town, but also are delicious additions to your diet. (Editors’ note: Always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any new diet regimen.)

This superfood is a standout on the café menu at Fairweather Natural Foods, which serves a 16-oz. açai bowl with your choice of 15 different add-ins like almond milk, peanut butter and spirulina ($7 plus add-ins for 50¢–99¢ each). Loaded with antioxidants that boost your immune system and neutralize free radicals, açai is also full of fiber, high in calcium and a surprising source of heart-healthy fats. Açai berries can spoil within a day, so frozen puree packets (approximately $7) are a great choice and readily available at Fairweather and The Market at Park City.

Medicinal use of activated charcoal dates back to 1500 B.C., when the Egyptians first discovered its antibacterial properties. Modern uses include water filtration and emergency removal of toxins, and it also may improve kidney health, oral health and provide digestive relief. Land Juicery offers a 10-oz. “Charcoal Lemonade” ($11) made with cold-pressed and organic lemon juice, electrolyte-rich celery juice, raw honey, spring water and tasteless activated charcoal made from organic coconut shells.

Also considered a superfood thanks to its balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes and essential amino acids, bee pollen is an easy add-in to smoothies and breakfast bowls at Fairweather, Protein Foundry and Atticus Coffee and Teahouse. Atticus features a 16-oz. smoothie dubbed the “Honey Bee Protein” made with peanut butter, banana, soy milk and honey topped with a sprinkle of bee pollen. Fairweather Foods also sells bee pollen in capsule form, and touted benefits range from decreased inflammation and healing wounds to improved immunity and symptoms of menopause.

With anti-inflammatory benefits perfect for post-hike or bike ride, adding CBD to your beverage is a snap at Atticus Teahouse, which offers 20mg of CBD to your choice of any drink on the menu for just $4. CBD is thought to offer relief from chronic pain, arthritis and even acne. There also is promising research about the effects of CBD in treating insomnia, anxiety, depression and even high blood pressure. Check out more CBD products at Hemped Park City as well.

This spicy pickled cabbage, a staple of Korean cuisine, has become a trendy side dish on its own or tasty addition to recipes like fried rice and ramen soup. Kimchi’s fermented properties contain probiotics that may strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, slow the aging process, prevent yeast infections, support heart health and aid weight loss. It’s readily available in grocery stores, including The Market at Park City, which sells several varieties ($3–$8) along with fermented spicy kimchi sriracha sauce and kimchi miso horseradish.

Fermented and lightly effervescent, this sweetened black- or green-tea drink has become popular for its potential health benefits including improved gut health, weight loss/maintenance and antioxidant properties that support healthy cell function. The Market at Park City boasts multiple Park City health food offerings, including products by Salt Lake City-based Mamachari Kombucha ($3).

Just looking at a gorgeous, vibrant pink bowl of pitaya (commonly known as dragon fruit) is sure to improve your mood, but this show-stopper is also high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber, making it great as an immunity booster and promoting healthy skin and teeth, better digestion and absorption of iron by the body. Protein Foundry offers three pitaya bowls ($9.25) featuring fresh tropical fruit, organic hemp granola, organic coconut flakes and more than two dozen different add-ins.