Keepin’ It Reel – Fish Heads Fly Shop

Just three minutes from the Provo River, where prolific hatches provide year-round fishing for all levels of anglers, Fish Heads Fly Shop sits in the heart of Heber. Curtis Lindley, Head Guide for Fish Heads Fly Shop, enthusiastically states:

“Fish Heads Fly Shop is committed to creating emotional connections with our clients by providing them with life lasting memories. Our “Secret Water” trips make this an easily obtainable goal. Our clients will find themselves in a surreal setting that allows them to connect with nature and “BEAUTIFUL TROUT!” If you are looking for a place to let your mind fade away in solitary bliss on a quaint piece of water, we have the “beta” and the gear. Keep in mind your bliss may be shattered by a “Kraken”of a trout. You’re probably going to want someone there to net that fish!

Dry fly fishing in Heber Valley and the surrounding area is astounding! To mention a few local hatches: BWO’s, Drakes, Caddis, and PMD’s all abound on the Provo River. However, you can also find the same hatches on obscure and
off the beaten path water. Some of these local fabled waters even provide excellent terrestrial fishing! When the Fish Heads staff has the opportunity to fish on the occasional day off, we tend to fish these hidden jewels of pristine water.

We are a complete fly fishing outfitter. Whether you need boots, waders, rods, reels or even a rod vault for your vehicle. We have you covered. We also carry a large variety of flies, tippet and accessories that will enable you to fish any hatch successfully. It’s easy for us to be passionate about the best job on earth. Especially when we are located in one of the greatest places on earth for our craft! Be sure to stop by the shop. We are a great group of humble anglers that love to share our local knowledge.”

Visit this one-of-a-kind fly shop: 32 S Main Street, Heber City