According to, approximately 5 million people participate in book clubs each week across America. Book clubs encourage people to gather to discuss literature, philosophy, politics and even more taboo topics. The Park City Library has been a leader in tackling diversity, equity and understanding in our divided world.

Park City librarians are actively addressing this call for action by creating meaningful programs and developing the library collection. While the community is working through these difficult times of a shifting population, Park City librarians are developing inspirational and interactive programming that speaks to its mission statement: Empower Minds, Inspire Imagination, Connect Community.

Books and book clubs have always been a centerpiece for thought provoking conversations and driving action. In a twist on the traditional book club, the newly formed Park City Action Book Club invites participants to read books on timely topics and take part in interesting and fun service projects to benefit their communities and neighborhoods. Service projects include creating a banner for your fence or balcony to celebrate your voice by spreading a message that connects us all, Author events, Library Field Clean Up Day, and encouragement for gifting a May Day basket makes people feel connected and brings unity to Park City. Participants are even encouraged to come up with their own activities that align with the theme.

From June to August, the summer theme is Come Together—Unity, Equity and Understanding in a Divided World. This is reading and social engagement at its best. By joining the Action Book Club and sharing your experiences, you can start a ripple effect of positive activity in Summit County and beyond. Make sure that you share your stories to inspire more good deeds.

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