Monster Drawing Rally Returns with Rewired Look

Audience invited to “Zoom” in on live art-making event.

(Park City, Utah) One of Park City’s most beloved community events, the Monster Drawing Rally, has been postponed to the fall. But in an effort to support local artists and continue to inspire the community, organizers decided to host a similar virtual event on May 15th

Like the original Monster Draw, Monster Drawing Rally // Digital + Rewired will be a live art-making event that allows attendees to spy on the creative process. The ‘spying’ will take place via Zoom, while local artists create in their studios. Online attendees will still be able to purchase artwork for $50, and new this year, artists will have additional pieces available priced at their discretion. 

“Kimball Art Center’s mission is to inspire and connect through art,” noted Shawni Tanner, the organization’s interim executive director. “While we cannot have a physical event right now due to COVID-19, we feel strongly it is still our responsibility to serve our community, offering inspiration and connection. Watching an artist create work in real time is incredibly inspiring and we’re happy we can connect artists and art lovers virtually.”

In addition to an online format, there are a few other changes noted Jocelyn Scudder, managing director of the Park City Summit County Arts Council. “Monster Draw Rewired won’t be as fast-paced, which is a key element of the live event,” she said. “That’s because artists usually only have 50 minutes to complete a piece. But for our digital event, pieces up for grabs will already be completed. Viewers still get to see the creative process, but don’t have to wait to see the final product.”

Artwork will be available for purchase on a first-come, first served basis Scudder added. Representatives from both organizations will emcee the hour and a half online event. There is no cost to attend, just visit to register and receive a link to participate. 

Monster Draw Rewired participating artists include: 

Adrianna Allegretti, Anna Moore, Bridgette Meinhold, Clinton Whiting, Dani Powers, Emily Quinn Loughlin, Ida Yoked, Jean Glaser, James Saarela, Karen Millar Kendall, Kendra Vicken, Kody Bundy, Kristen Mitchell, Kylie Millward, Lyndsie Nash, Mark Maziarz, Marley Wright, Michael Patton, Olga Hegner, Renee Mox Hall, Samantha Simon and Shannon Kelly. 

Monster Drawing Rally // Digital + Rewired begins at 8pm on May 15th.